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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Understanding gaming PC speaker system

Graphics are important when playing a game but audio also helps to make everything more believable. Just imagine that you just have finally beaten the last enemy boss (a robot 50 feet tall) of your game and a big explosion is about to take place. Also imagine that you have just a pair of 3” full range speakers hooked to your gaming PC. A 50 feet tall robot explosion trough a pair of 3” full range speakers? That explosion is not going to sound too cool or realistic isn’t it? A 5.1 speaker system will deal with that efficiently and even a 2.1 speaker system will deal with that efficiently providing that they both have quality woofers and satellites. Common brands are: Logitech, Creative Labs, Genius, Cyber Acoustics and Altec Lansing. We will tell you which features to look at when choosing a speaker system so you can pick a quality and affordable one for your gaming PC.

Features to look for when choosing a speaker system for your a gaming PC

1) frequency response – the frequency response is the range of frequencies that the speaker system is able to reproduce. The frequency response should be equal to that of the human ear so it can reproduce every sound efficiently. Humans are able to hear frequencies between 20 HZ and 20MHZ so the speaker system should be able to reproduce them.
2) configuration – the available configurations are 2.0, 2.1 and 5.1. A 2.0 speaker system equals two full range speakers. The 2.1 speaker system adds a woofer for the lowest frequencies and two satellites for everything else for a total of three speakers. A 5.1 speaker system resemble the one of a home theater and add a center speaker and two surround speakers to the 2.1 speaker system configuration for a total of six speakers. The 5.1 speaker system is a cool addition for any gaming PC but the quality ones are expensive and require a 5.1 sound card. A quality 2.1 speaker system will cover all the frequencies that the human ear can hear and is affordable enough for our gaming PC so we should pick one. Now we can hear the explosion from our robot boss as we are supposed to.
3) RMS power – the RMS power is the continuous power that the integrated amplifier can supply to the speaker system. The higher the RMS power, the better and less distorted the sound will be reproduced. We should pick a speaker system with high RMS power.
4) magnetically shielded – the speaker magnet will distort and eventually damage our monitor’s screen. We typically place a pair of speakers near our monitor so that’s a big problem. That problem  can be solved by getting a magnetically shielded speaker system so we should get one for our gaming PC.
That’s pretty much the most important features concerning our speaker system so now we can choose a monitor for our gaming PC.

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