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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Understanding gaming PC card reader

A card reader has no impact in 3D performance but since the use of digital cameras is becoming more common every day and they are so affordable, we decided to add a card reader to our gaming PC. There’s no need to give much details about this piece of hardware. Common brands of this piece of hardware are: Syba, Transcend, Vantec and IOGEAR. The features to look at are as follows.

Features to look for when choosing a card reader for your a gaming PC

1) installation type – internal is the most affordable so we should choose a card reader with this installation type.
2) all in one – this provides compatibility with most card types available so we should choose a card reader with this feature because we never know what kind of card we will need.
3) interface - USB is the most affordable so we should choose a card reader with this interface.
Now is time to choose the next piece of hardware for our gaming PC which is the computer case.

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