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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Understanding gaming PC DVD burner

The DVD burner is one more of the pieces of hardware with no important impact in 3D performance so we should choose an affordable one for our gaming PC. There’s no need to give much details about the DVD burner because of that. We need it to install our 3D games and applications and also to run them so we definitely need a DVD burner in our gaming PC. A DVD-ROM is enough to install and run our 3D games and applications but since DVD burners are so affordable we decided to add one instead of a DVD-ROM to our gaming PC and add the ability to burn data on blank media. Popular DVD burner brands are Lite-On, LG, Sony and Pioneer. Feature to look in a DVD burner are as follows.

Features to look for when choosing a DVD burner for your a gaming PC

1) burning speed – the speed at which the DVD burner writes data to blank media. Common burning speeds are 8X, 16X, 20X, 22X and 24X. The higher the better so we should choose a DVD burner with a high burning speed.
2) media read/write compatibility – the most common media is CD, DVD+, DVD-, DVD-DL and DVD-RAM. We should choose a DVD burner compatible with all the media mentioned above.
3) interface – the most common are IDE and SATA. SATA is better and can be added for a few bucks so we should choose a DVD burner with that interface.
4) internal/external – internal ones are more affordable so we should choose an internal DVD burner.
5) lightscribe – this feature allows the drive to print a monochromatic image over the media using its internal laser for a few bucks more. You need special media for that. This feature will come handy if you like to label your media in a significant manner. We should get it for our gaming PC.
6) Disk at once, Burn-Proof and Book Type setting – those features are becoming standard so there’s not much point into mention them.
Now is time to choose the next piece of hardware for our gaming PC which is the card reader.

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