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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Understanding gaming PC keyboard and mouse

We will use our keyboard and mouse a lot when we are playing a game in our gaming PC and performing any other task so those hardware should be comfortable, durable, pleasing to the eye and should provide good usability. Fortunately there are some great and affordable keyboard and mouse combos with that description so we will not lack a good choice. Common keyboard and mouse brands are: Logitech, Microsoft, Kensington, Logisys and Labtec. Features to look at are as follows.

Features to look for when choosing a keyboard and mouse for your a gaming PC

1) extra keys – there are some special keys that let you perform some tasks like browsing the internet, see video and listen to music with ease. You should pick a keyboard with extra keys if that’s important to you.
2) ergonomics – bad typing practices and mouse button clicking is bad for your hands. Picking an ergonomic keyboard and mouse and using good typing practices will help to reduce their impact.
3) connectors – common connector types in a keyboard and mouse are USB and PS/2. Make sure that your motherboard has the same type of connector as your keyboard and mouse.
4) appearance – choose a keyboard and mouse compatible with the looks of other hardware available in your gaming PC like the computer case and monitor. They will look so cool and make you feel more comfortable when you use them.
5) three button mouse – this provides desirable extra functionality to the mouse. We should pick a three button mouse.
6) optical mouse – its design is more efficient than the ball one and they are affordable so we should pick an optical mouse.
7) wireless vs wired – wireless keyboards and mouse are battery eaters so we shouldn’t pick one of those for our gaming PC.
Those are the most important features to take into consideration when picking a keyboard and mouse so we can now choose our next piece of hardware which is the speaker system.

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